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Established in 1984, Jr Comet Sports was organized for the purpose of developing and operating a community youth sports program for boys and girls. It was formed primarily to benefit youth within the jurisdiction of School District 6, which had no youth sport programs of any kind, at that time. It is the goal and objective of this organization to implant in the communities youth the ideals of the "Code of Sportsmanship" and "Fair Play" which should be an integral part of all sport and group activities in general.

What is the emphasis of Jr Comet Programs?
1.  Enjoyment / Fun
2.  Sportsmanship / Self-Restraint
3.  Responsibility / Work Ethic
4.  Social Development / Teamwork
5.  Equal participation for all, is the backbone of Jr 
     Comet Sports.   It is part of our Constitution.

I sincerely hope that all of your dealings with Jr Comet Sports are positive, productive, eventful and FUN for your child.   Thank you for visiting our website.       

~Darryl Summerfield

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